At A.E.Roberts we grow a wide range of fruit trees and ornamental trees, selling them primarily as bare root trees during the winter season. We also stock many of our trees in containers as well as stock a wide range of soft fruit and shrubs.


We stock a range of products to help support and enhance the plants once they are in and planted. We stock Empathy products such as a Rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi, as well as tree stakes, tree ties and rabbit guards.

Services and Delivery

We work closely with both a national parcel carrier and a national pallet carrier network to deliver our goods to you. We are a major player in the horticultural mail order industry. Most of the mail order is fulfilment work for several catalogue and online compaines, sending our plants in bespoke boxes to their customers. The other side of the business is to send out large quantities of our plants to our wholesale customers on danish trolleys, pallets and on our bespoke stillage design, through the carrier networks.