Cherry - Regina

Modern sweet black German cherry, late fruiting, disease-resistant and very hardy - grown commercially even in Norway so it is easily able to cope with the UK climate, thriving anywhere from Cornwall to northern Scotland. Outstanding for flavour, fruit quality, and the reliability and weight of crop.

Though not officially classified as self-fertile, Regina usually crops heavily, even in the absence of any obvious pollinator.

Season: July

Rootstock: Colt (semi-dwarf)

Planting Distance: 5m (13ft)

Approximate Height: 4m (10ft) after 10 years

Instances of poor pollination are nearly always caused by bad weather at blossom time, limiting the activity of insects.

This cherry tree is growing on a semi-dwarfing rootstock, ideal for the average garden.

Cherries need a sunny site and a neutral soil to crop well, a pH of 6.0 - 7.5 is ideal.

Plant Name Specification Rootstock Plant age Availability Picture
Regina Bareroot Colt 1 or 2 year Late November to April
Regina Bareroot Half Standard Colt 3 year Late November to April
Regina 9L Poly Pot Colt 2 year All Year 9Litre Tree